NaaViC, Agri-Business Incubation Centre

About NaaViC

NIVEDI‘s NaaViC, Agri-Business Incubation Centre (NaaViC) was established at ICAR-National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics, Bengaluru in 31st January, 2019. The center is unique in kind in the field of veterinary science incubator. The only veterinary sector incubator located in south India. This centre facilitates incubation of new startups/entrepreneurs & enterprises for innovative technologies by providing need based physical space for administrative and laboratory work, technical, business and networking support, facilities and services to test and validate their venture before successful establishment of enterprises.

The incubator facilitates unparalleled technical and business mentorship, network of industry as well academic experts. It also provides access to government grants and funding platforms. Currently the NaaViC is implementing RKVY-RAFTAAR to promote agripreneurs in fields of agriculture and allied sectors. Under this scheme NaaViC launched two programmes viz., NEO (Nurturing Entrepreneurs through Orientation) for ideapreneurs to convert their idea to prototype and NEST (Nurturing Entrepreneurs with Sustainable Technologies) for startup companies to launch and commercialize their product.

In 2019 we changed the game

2019NaaViC was established on 31st January
2020Conducted first cohort of incubation
2021Conducted second & third cohort of incubation
2022Conducted fourth & fifth cohort of incubation
2023Conducted sixth & seventh cohort of incubation
2024Conducted Eighth cohort of incubation


National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI) is the only institute catering to the needs of surveillance and monitoring of livestock diseases and thereby caring for the country’s animal health. Livestock population and disease profiles available in the databank are the cynosure of the institute. Different units of NIVEDI are working towards designing of various forecasting and forewarning modules in order to predict the livestock disease outbreaks.

Our Partners

Our Team

Administrative Team

Dr. B. R Gulati

Chairman, NaaViC R-ABI

Dr. Sathish B. Shivachandra


Dr. Mohd. Mudassar Chanda


Dr. G. B. Manjunatha Reddy

Co-PI , NaaViC R-ABI

Dr. Awadhesh Prajapati

Co-PI , NaaViC R-ABI

Business Team

Mr. Harshendra

Business Manager, NaaViC R-ABI

Dr. Sangeetha. M

Asst. Business Manager, NaaViC R-ABI

Mrs. Salima Alnavar

Business Executive, NaaViC R-ABI

Mr. Anand Hegde

Business Executive, NaaViC R-ABI

Mr. Darshan S G


Mr. Naveen Naik P

Office Assistant, NaaViC R-ABI

ABI Advisory Members

Dr. Baldev Raj Gulati

Director ICAR-NIVEDI, Bengaluru Chairman

Dr. S. Kilari

COO, Biovet, Bengaluru Member (Industry Expert)

Dr. Shivakumara Swamy

Faculty Scientist, IBAB, Bengaluru Member (Technical Expert)

Mr. K Balachandran

NABARD, Bengaluru Member (Financial Expert)

Mr. Satish Chandra Chintamani

Business Consultant, Bengaluru Member (Business Expert)

Mr. Jagadessh Sunkad

Director, Kankadhara Agri Innovation Pvt Ltd Member (Investment Expert)

Mr. Sharath Pattar

Head, IPR Cell, AIISH, Mysore Member (IPR Expert)

Dr. Sathish B Shivachandra

PI-CEO, NaaViC, ICAR-NIVEDI, Bengaluru Member Secretary

R-ABI Implementation Committee (RIC) Members

Dr. Baldev Raj Gulati

Director ICAR-NIVEDI, Bengaluru Chairman

Dr. Sathish B Shivachandra

PI-CEO, NaaViC, ICAR-NIVEDI, Bengaluru Co-Chairman

Dr. Manjunath Palegar


Dr. S S Dolli


Dr. Sreenivasulu Kilari


Dr. Balachandran


Dr. S S Shivakumara


Dr. Mudassar Chanda


Dr. Awadesh Prajapati


Mr. Satish Chandra Chintamani


Mr. Harshendra S M

Member Secretary

Launch of 9th cohort
NEO and NEST program

NEO: Nurturing Entrepreneurs through Orientation

Agripreneurship Orientation Program

NEST: Nurturing Entrepreneurs with Sustainable Technologies

Start-up Agri-Business Incubation Program