NEO: Nurturing Entrepreneurs through Orientation

Agripreneurship Orientation Program

Aspiring dreamers, Youths, Research Scholars having the zeal to build the next big things are welcome to work on their innovative ideas and take them to prototype.

Salient Features

Grant in-aid upto Rs.5 lacs

Internships Opportunities
with successful Start-ups

40 hours of specialized
training program

Mentorship by
Industry experts

NEST: Nurturing Entrepreneurs with Sustainable Technologies

Start-up Agri-Business Incubation Program

Ambitious Agri Startups which works towards innovation and improvement of product and services focusing on employment generation and wealth creation from a scalable business model.

Salient Features

Grant in-aid upto Rs.25 lacs

6 week
Incubation Training

Mentorship by
Industry experts

Technical Business Support


Pre-incubation Program

For early stage startups focusing on innovation, nurtures and empowers early stage startups by providing them with the support, resources and guidance needed to navigate the challenging journey from idea to successful business venture


Physical/Virtual Incubation Space

Supportive environment fostering innovation, collaboration, mentorship and resources for startup development and growth


Incubation Support

For small business and micro enterprises to initiate the business


Entrepreneurial Support

For aspiring student innovators