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Incubatees of NaaViC

Trieen Health Care Private Limited

Founder: Dr Prashanth T
Business Idea: Prevention of mastitis in cows and buffalos using ozonized disinfectant formulation.
Location: Bengaluru

VNIR Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Meher Prakash
Business Idea: LAMP based kits for rapid, robust and cheaper detection of microbial pathogens in food.
Location: Bengaluru

Herboneeds Biotech LLP

Founder: Dr. Vasanthkumar S.P
Business Idea: Novel Eco-friendly Bedding materials for Laboratory rodents
Location: Bengaluru

Activx Animal Health Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Swetang Sharma
Business Idea: IT platform to connect veterinarian and animal owners
Location: Bengaluru

Nutriplus Foods Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr B R Athani
Business Idea: Re-engineering Meat and Food Crops Value Chain to enhance rural livelihoods
Location: Bagalkot

Agrihawk Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Sudanshu Rai
Business Idea: Precision farming & weather detection for Horticulture crops
Location: Bengaluru

Paw Mates

Founder: Dr. Samrudh Mahadi
Business Idea: A mobile app and web app that allows pet owners to communicate with veterinarians by phone, video, and in-home visits
Location: Bengaluru

Bioprobe Lab Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Padmaja R J
Business Idea: Deep assay technique for detection of pre clinical mastitis (Strip Based)
Location: Mysuru

Native Circle LLP

Founder: Mr. Mahesh Hegde
Business Idea: Herbal infusions based Immunity booster
Location: Bengaluru

Magnimous Info Tech Pvt. Ltd

Founder: Dr. Kumudha
Business Idea: OEM device / Portable sensor to detect pre clinical health for cattle
Location: Bengaluru

Peptomer Thepeutics Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Kantaraja Chindera
Business Idea: Novel drug delivery technologies for research and therapeutic applications
Location: Haryana

SLR AgriTech LLP

Founder: Dr. Shivanna D M
Business Idea: Automatic machine for dehusking of arecanut
Location: Davangere

Aspartika Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Founder: Mr. Shrinivasan V Bandlamori
Business Idea: Guar-Gum, a novel source for Toxin Prevention & Mold Inhibition in Food & Feed Industry
Location: Bengaluru

Aloha Global Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Rahul Sardana
Business Idea: Human grade fresh food for pets along with a platform for pet parents to form a community and provide pet care services
Location: Bengaluru

GRV Junction Agritech Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Ajit Jangle
Business Idea: IT & IoT Platfrom to Optimize Agri Value Chain Globally
Location: Mumbai

Kempmann Bioorganics LLP

Founder: Mr. Vijeth Arya
Business Idea: Novel Female Fruit Fly Trapping System
Location: Bengaluru

Krishi Sai Ekatha Pvt. Ltd

Founder: Dr. Gayathri Devi S.S
Business Idea: : Centre for Large Scale production of Bio-control agents (Macrobials) for the management of sucking pests of crops.
Location: Bengaluru

LNS FarmerInfo

Founder: Mr. Shiva Sumanth Reddy
Business Idea: App/platform for farmers, veterinary doctors & the dairy industries by knowledge exchange and awareness
Location: Bengaluru

CheckAg LLP

Founder: Mr. Tony Francis
Business Idea: Portable Milk Quality Analyzer
Location: Bengaluru

Froots Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Shefalika Sharma
Business Idea: Platform for organic produce and traceability through Technology
Location: Bengaluru

Bhojpatta Agripreneur Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Nitish Kumar
Business Idea: Biodegradable plate making process from pseudostem of Banana.
Location: Bihar

Inventive Scientific minds

Founder: Dr. Deepali Jadia
Business Idea: Sticky traps for effective integrated pest management.
Location: Mumbai

Jakad AgriVenture Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Chaitra Chengappa
Business Idea: Integrated Online Shop for Farming Community
Location: Chikkamagaluru

Gujarat Veterinary Research & Diagnostic Centre

Founder: Mr. Dhaval Hirani
Business Idea: Production of molecular kits and point of care diagnostics with regards to “ONE HEALTH” in focus
Location: Ahmedabad

Acoustic Agriculture LLP

Founder: Mr. Pavan A & Mr. Venu K S
Business Idea: Using an eco- friendly device to grow plants that releases the essential growth and defense hormones through precisely timed sound and vibration
Location: Bengaluru

Vishwakarma Agriculture Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Vrutic Panchal
Business Idea: S.M.A.R.T electric thresher
Location: Gujarat

Theomics Internationl Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr Madavan Vasudevan
Business Idea: Rapid and Sensitive Genomics-based Screening Kits for pathogenic detection that affect Livestock and Aquaculture
Location: Bengaluru

Ranik Biosciences LLP

Founder: Ms. Gowri Neelima M
Business Idea: Immune booster for tomato crop against viral infection
Location: Bengaluru

Dhanved Bionutrients

Founder: Mr. Preethidan DS
Business Idea: Production of high-value compounds from Pomegranate Peel waste
Location: Kerala

Green Square Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Narendra Ram MS
Business Idea: An Efficient method of commercial Production of Phalaenopsis Orchids
Location: Bengaluru

Barve Technologies LLP

Founder: Mr. Tejas Barve
Business Idea: A Medical Device for the treatment of high fever and heat strokes temperature in animals
Location: Goa

DrPashu AI Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Kumar B M
Business Idea: An App for Livestock farmers with 24/7 access to AI powered Veterinarians via instant video call
Location: Bengaluru

Bhuvicha Agro Concepts Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Nandini K
Business Idea: Herbal Bindi made from Natural ingredients with improved delivery mechanism
Location: Bengaluru


Founder: Ms. Aishwarya Anand
Business Idea: Efficient method of production of Paper and paper products from coffee husks, a by-product from coffee industry.
Location: Bengaluru

Alemericus Blue Ventures Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Kumar Gurusamy
Business Idea: A Mobile app to locate eco-friendly climate resilient sites for sustainable Aquaculture using Geo spatial solutions
Location: Chennai

Dhenukriya Ayurvet Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Suhasini Gowda
Business Idea: An Ayurvedic formulation to prevent and control Mastitis
Location: Shivamogga

Sharon Agrotech Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Neethu Paramel
Business Idea: Low-cost manual milking machine
Location: Kerala

Pentavalent Bio Sciences Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Soumya Paul
Business Idea: Quick & rapid test for simultaneous detection of Leptospirosis and Brucellosis
Location: Bengaluru

Agropak Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Payal Patel
Business Idea: Biodegradable food packaging solutions
Location: Bengaluru

Kalpik Agrotech LLP

Founder: Mr. Mohan Lamb
Business Idea: Cow dung collection machine
Location: Maharashtra

Kodo Premium Feeds Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Mahaveer Dhareppanavar
Business Idea: Commercial poultry feed by using silkworm pupae
Location: Dharwad

Movvz innovations Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Mahesh Hegde
Business Idea: Automated multipurpose equipment to do farm activities
Location: Uttara Kannada

Nuvohelix Bioinnovations Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Nagananda G S
Business Idea: Filter Coffee Cubes-Nuvo Coffee
Location: Bengaluru

Nanosentrix Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Uma Ullas Pradhan
Business Idea: Biodegradable tableware from coffee grounds
Location: Bengaluru

Greentheraphy Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Jayanti Bhattacharya
Business Idea: Nutritional Hemp product made with zero preservative additive in 100% biodegradable and sustainable packaging.
Location: Bengaluru

Branny Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Raeeza Tameez V. M.
Business Idea: Wheat bran for manufacturing single use tableware and cutleries
Location: Bengaluru

Atsuya Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Rahul Ganapathy
Business Idea: Portable refrigerator used for semen transporting
Location: Chennai

Nutriarc (OPC) Pvt Ltd

Founder: Mr. Chandan Kumar Sahu
Business Idea: Productization of nutraceuticals from onion peel waste by using green technology
Location: Bengaluru

Gera- Hayami LLP

Founder: Mr. Venkappa
Business Idea: Geranium by-products utilization for value addition - home & personal care products
Location: Belagavi

Cleen Pet India Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Ishu Bindal
Business Idea: Plant-based dog food
Location: Haryana

Zetspire Technologies Pvt Ltd

Founder: Ms. Siva Ranjani S
Business Idea: Eco-friendly bagaging polythene bag replacement in Oyster Cultivation
Location: Tamil Nadu

EnviroVeda Innovations Pvt Ltd

Founder: Dr. Suraj Vasantrao Yadav
Business Idea: Cellulose based textile fiber from agro waste
Location: Dandeli

DR Biosciences LLP

Founder: Mr. Damodara Reddy Vaddi
Business Idea: Nano Optical Biosensor kit
Location: Bengaluru